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To all who don't wanna use wine : )

Please install innoextract ("

innoextract -L ResonanceSetupV2.exe

Extracting "Resonance" - setup data version 5.3.10
- "app/resonance.exe" (810 MiB)
- "app/acsetup.cfg" (326 B)
- "app/audio.vox" (47.6 MiB)
- "app/data.100" (114 B)
- "app/speech.vox" (202 MiB)
- "app/winsetup.exe" (52 KiB)

Copy from the app folder: resonance.exe, audio.vox, data.100, speech.vox
to your prefered installdir e.g. /home/user/games/resonance

Extract "Resonace.linux.tar.gz" from in your game installdir

chmod +x resonance


Adventure Creator v3.21 Interpreter
Copyright (c) 1999-2001 Chris Jones
ACI version 3.21.1115
Speech sample file found and initialized.
Audio vox found and initialized.
Checking sound inits.

Check the "acsetup.cfg" to change some settings as you like.

WINDOWED "0" for FullScreen, "1" for running game in a window

GFXFILTER "None" for no filter (1x scaling). Normal scaling is "StdScale2", "StdScale3" or

"StdScale4" for 2x, 3x, 4x respectively. In 32-bit games also can be "Hq2x" or "Hq3x"

"forceletterbox" "1" to force letterbox mode, "0" for normal

"antialias" "1" to smoothly scale sprites, "0" for off

"refresh" "85" to force refresh rate to 85Hz, "0" for default

Hope it works for you :)
Post edited June 19, 2012 by ronsen
ronsen: To all who don't wanna use wine : )
I can confirm these steps work perfectly on Linux Mint 13 amd64 with ia32-libs installed.

Another way is to build the AGS engine following these steps and then to just run the command 'ags Resonance.exe' (without quotes) from within the resonance directory. That's what I did since I had some difficulties with the above method on my Fedora 64bit machine.
If you're on Arch Linux, these PKGBUILDs will automate the whole thing for you; grabbing Adventure Game Studio from the AUR, building it and granting you a .desktop file too!

I've just completed Resonance using the Linux build under 64bit and I had no problems except the cypher puzzle being slightly offset in places.