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Shamino74656: Hi,

i have a Mac Mini, running now on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

When i open Resonance, or Shiva or Blackwell i get overtime the Error:

The Application X11 could not be opened.
An error occurred while starting the X11 server:
"Failed to activate core Devices."

i Installed X11 again, a few Minutes ago. Quartz 2.7.8

But the Same thing shows up again.

The Game where running on the Yosemite OS X Version Fine.

Any Idea ?

Thank you

EDIT: Any official word from GOG about an Update ?
This is fixed as of November 18th 2015 :)
rjlight: I'm having the same issue trying to open Pepperstone. It's been almost a year...No fix yet? I've been on the chat and phone with both Pepperstone and Apple. Neither seems to know what's going on. Also downloaded Quartz, still nothing.
JudasIscariot: This is fixed as of November 18th 2015 :)
rjlight: Ok, what fixed it? I'm need to be able to open this program for work. Thanks
Well, we fixed our program but I am not sure about yours. We had to make sure our program was compliant with Apple's Gatekeeper thing on newer OSX systems.