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$ ./
Running Renowned Explorers: International Society
./x86_64/abbeycore: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This isn't listed as dependency and appears to be a somewhat outdated version of sndio (1.2 while 1.5 is current).

I could start the game after removing game/x86_64/ and thus using the system SDL.
I have experimented some more and got the game to start semi-reliably.

There is a default config file: "GOG Games/Renowned Explorers International Society/game/settings.ini"

There is another config file: "GOG Games/Renowned Explorers International Society/game/userdata/Renowned Explorers International Society/userdata/settings.ini"

The second one gets re-created if it is missing, but without the line:

r_renderConfig = "rendering\/renderer"

What I did was linking that file to the default and making it read-only so the r_renderConfig doesn't disappear, but it may break in-game graphics settings.

Another thing to note is to only remove the shipped SDL library, not the libc++ ones as the game behaves weirdly with the system libraries. Loading times increase etc.

Even with all these hacks the game starts unreliably, but it seems entirely random. Sometimes abbeyCore keeps hanging around and then the game won't start at all, but otherwise just try a few times until it loads.

I know that my system isn't supported but I'd still say this game has some issues.

My apologies if this post is weirdly formatted, but the forum's editor is really horrible.
I haven't encountered any problems with this game on my Arch Linux system and I don't remember modifying anything. I've modified and added an ldd before the /"x86_64/abbeycore". It uses the bundled version of SDL, but it does not use
I just downloaded snd 1.2 from the sndio website, compiled (./configure, make) it, copied it to the game folder and then preloaded the library: LD_PRELOAD=$PWD/ ./ - seems to work great.
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