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Gekko_Dekko: (…)
vv221: Strange, my version of the game does not try to write anything into "userdata".
Do you have a directory named "savedata" next to "userdata", and is your user allowed to write in it?
thats how my whole installation looks:
yes, user is allowed to write inside. By default /userdata/ inside /game/ didnt exist (as far as I remember), so game created it.

Im using the latest native standalone version, downloaded via
md5s are the following:

Gekko_Dekko: (…)
It’s a bit of a shot in the dark, but might be worth a try: move "savedata" from inside "userdata" to the game root, remove everything else in "userdata", then start the game again.
Does it improve the situation in any way?

If with this it still doesn’t work, I would advise giving a try to the development version of our scripts for this game, that have support for the latest GOG-provided installers:
Post edited June 19, 2019 by vv221