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I bought the bundle on sale during the summer and only had a chance to start playing it tonight. I loaded up the game but it freezes during loading.

The progress bar on the first splash screen goes to a 100% and then the game just freezes. Nothing happens.

On this Steam page, they suggest editing the .ini file so that it loads in windowed mode, but I can't find that file anywhere. (I can't post links for some reason, so if you search for it, it is fairly easy to find).

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know of a solution?
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Weirdly enough it just worked on one machine and loaded only to 34% on another, both running the same OS and version (Arch Linux).
The only difference I can think of is the resolution (1366x768 vs. 1920x1080).

Starting it in windowed mode may help, it did for me: