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Hello everyone,
soon we will usher yet another update into this cruel and heartless world. You guys give us us new ideas on how to further improve Regalia - from new difficulty modes for the veteran players to more quality of life improvements - and we love you for it!
Check out what’ll be in store for you very, very soon:

Are you looking for some truly tough odds to beat? Look no further because patch 1.06 will bring a new, extra-challenging Nightmare difficulty level.
Some of you found the default difficulty of Regalia too forgiving, so we’ve prepared this new feature especially for you. Monsters will deal extra damage to your party members and mister Crucey will present you with even steeper chapter requirements.
It’s gonna be tough, don't say we didn't warn you!

On the other hand, we also have a treat for all those of you who would like to make their game a little easier or perhaps a little quicker. Story Mode and Normal difficulty levels will let you adjust the difficulty of the battles. You will be able to decrease (or increase!) the damage done by enemies and modify the damage done by your party members.
We believe that the difficulty levels provided by the game by default are fair; however, we also believe strongly in player choice - so if you want your battles to be a little easier, now you’ll have the option!

We continue with improving the UI elements. More tooltips will be added, along with more indicators and highlights to make things more readable. For example, the Personal Bond menu will now conveniently show the bond level directly on the character selection bar. New and/or unread codex entries will be marked with an icon. Tooltips will be added to the calendar menu. Skill previews will be added to the diplomacy screen for all of the unlockable characters. A restart button will be added to the battle screen. And more!

The patch will bring another batch of fixed bugs, including a fix for the elusive "Craft 25 items" achievement.

Those are just the major features that will come in UPDATE #2 - we’ll post the detailed patch when the update goes live.
Good to hear. It hasn't really been a long time, but it feels like it!
That sounds great, thank you.

Any chance of being able to save on the map? It's a bit of a pain to beat a tough boss, then misclick and waste days or go to a nearby dungeon and goof the first fight before a camp.