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I got my squad to level 15, but now im having far too manyt impossible fights, 1 is with a horror fiend thing that has 6000/7000 health and 3000 shields that renew every few turns, so i cant get him down to a 1000 in one turn, and then he just renews his shields.

So I cant hit his health, an astronomical 6000/7000 health.

With my team leveled up to 15 with most of the bonuses, I still find the tactics appalling and nigh on impossible. The gbame is ludicrous in its inability to restrart fights as you have to reload and you may have had to fight 2 or 3 fights to get back to that level, its possible to save iunbetween sometimes but not all the time.

Therefore I think I am deserved a refund.

I could have tried the much easier option but that seems far too easy.

I would have liked to have a normal mode where the fights are not scaled up to impossible levels or a decent save system. A game with tactics not one in which you cant make 1 mistake or its game over, reload to somewhere and then slog on to where you got up to and then restart the fight and just get battered by forever spawning enemies or enemies far too tough that kill your team straight away.

As there is not and kind of semblance to an enjoyable game, I cannot progress in this game and wish for a refund or the imprisonment of such lazy and terrible games developers that use the 'scale to your level' system that mean piss poor games.
git gud
You're talking about the avatar of pain or whatever in that dungeon to the west specifically labeled 'very hard' right? There are 4 such dungeons, they all have very hard last bosses. None of them are required, there are more than enough normal difficulty dungeons to get your objectives and loot, and those ones are IMO a little dull for being too easy.

Also you can only rest once at a campsite, but you can save as many times as you want, so you don't have to go back 2 or 3 fights as long as you can get to any campsite on the map.

There are a variety of ways to crack that particular boss depending on your party setup. Griffins ult ignores shields, and you get that at the begging of the game, so you have the tools to kill him no mater how early you opt to go for him. There are items that shatter shields and quite a few ways to hit under them.

The death toll attack that makes your team get one-shotted is really the harder part of that fight than breaking the shields.

But given how much attention the shields mechanic is given it should give you a clue that 'hey, I should probably have some way to deal with sheild-spammers'.

Or, just surrender the dungeon and pick an easier one.

Also he has to have an ally to kill to use that ability, if he doesn't have many due to you killing them as he spawns he doesn't use that skill much.