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DISCLAIMER: This music pack is not guaranteed to completely prevent copyright strikes. This music pack does have a theoretical chance of preventing copyright strikes but this is in no way guaranteed. Use at your own risk.

One of the biggest caveats in streaming Redneck Rampage (or uploading raw gameplay footage to YouTube) was Mojo Nixon's soundtrack, which is licenced music that can be detected by YouTube/Twitch copyright bots. Mojo Nixon is okay with piracy and releasing his music completely for free, but his record label does not agree with him.

The quick and dirty solution to this would be to stream/record the game with the music turned off. But the Redneck Rampage soundtrack is hailed as being one of the best parts of the game, and it is a key aspect that enhances the Redneck Rampage experience.

However, after seeing how Filipino noontime variety show Eat Bulaga! applies PAL speedup to some licenced music usually for enhanced effect by the performers, but to also get around the YouTube copyright bots as the show airs simultaneously on TV and on YouTube.

PAL speedup is the method of speeding up a film or TV show (24fps) by 4% to the PAL standard (25fps/50fps/100fps) so that the content would play well on PAL systems (usually in Europe) without introducing judder or smearing the image.

As a Chinese living in the Philippines, I first knew of the PAL speedup problem when I got some Chinese bootleg DVDs of Studio Ghibli films. Some of these DVDs were sourced from Japanese and Chinese DVDs from Disney which are NTSC, the US releases from Disney which are also NTSC, or the French and British DVDs from Disney and StudioCanal respectively, which have PAL speedup or motion smearing. I compared the PAL versions of these films with the soundtracks I downloaded and I noticed the speed and pitch difference. I started noticing it in Eat Bulaga!'s licenced music as well, and I noticed how they are using it to attempt to dodge YouTube's copyright bots, even if this method is not fool-proof. And this gave me an idea...

By speeding up the music in Redneck Rampage and Rides Again by 4% (just like the PAL standards), I created stream-friendly music packs for both games. I converted the music using foobar2000 from a ripped OGG back to an OGG file with the same bitrate. In the middle, I applied a processing filter to change the playback rate by increasing the speed. I could not rip the soundtracks in FLAC from the game.gog so the quality will not be as good as an actual OGG rip from the GOG ISO, but sound quality is already being sacrificed by speeding up the music.

If you're not even streaming or recording the game, this soundtrack is a neat semi-remix on what the British PAL release could be like if games had PAL speedup like movies.