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Hi :)
I expect issues running the Re-Mars-tered version on my not so new PC, that's why I need the original version.
Is it also included?

For example, that's the case when buying from Steam but I want to support GOG whenever I can :)
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Ok, so to get the current sale, I tried the following tactic:
- buy
- check the file list to see whether the classic version was here (do NOT download anything, otherwise I won't be able to use withdrawal right)
- use withdrawal right (valid in European union) if the classic version isn't here
- continue buying games at GOG in the future ^^

So the classic version isn't here, see attached screenshot:
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tuxayo: So the classic version isn't here
When there's an original version, GOG typically includes a notice on the game's store page about it.

It's unfortunate that you had to go through the process of buying and then refunding the title just to discover an answer to your question, but I'm glad you've got an answer at least.