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I was in the RB3D online community roughly 15 years ago (LoneWulffe squadron).

firgured I'd try for some nostalgia.

Saw some posts on the web about a "Red Baron 3d Redux" and some nice high res screen shots. Did that mod ever come to fruition? Can I get it anywhere?

Also, does anyone have Full Canvas Jacket stashed away anywhere and whiling to share? I'm sure I lost my disc several moves ago.

what is the best 3dfx/glide wrapper? I have one installed, but really bad stuttering with in (especially when close in for the kill).... and I saw someone suggest that they've been able to get RB3D to run in 1080p. Can anyone help me figure out how to do that?

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I like to use dgVoodoo 1.5 give this a try!Aiqc45g1rn3MhDrhTWeK9JvrGTrq
just drop it in your main RB3d folder see if you like it!

Salute! KK_Zilski
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