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new here and really looking forward to buying and playing RB3d. Just asking if anyone has encountered any problems during the installation of the game?
I ask as I have an old copy of the game on CD and have never been able to install it on either my old Windows XP laptop or my current Windows 7 laptop.
At the start of the installation I get the following message 'Error occured during the move data procress:-113'. I've never been able to work out what this was and I'm hoping that the GoG version will not have this problem. I'd like to be sure before I part with cash!
My current system is as follows: Windows 7 service pack 1, 4gb ram, 64bit os, AMD E-450 APU with Radeon graphics 1.65ghz.
Thanks in advance.
There should be absolutely no problems with WinXP. For Win7, there have been some problems, from mostly graphical (which have fixes) to not being able to run at all. But most with Win7 seem to have no problems with the game.
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I'll have to have a good read of the forum posts about RB3d and see if anyone has had any issues.
I might just go ahead and buy it. I got Wing Commander 3 a couple of nights ago, and no problems
with running that old classic!
Had some problems getting it to start up, kept crashing on start up.
But a quick look on here gave me the solution I needed and I got it working
and I was soon dogfighting Oswald Boelcke.
Chocks away chaps, tally ho!