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I have tried for to long to play RB3D online. I have even copy/pasted Wailwulf's server list exactly as he has it. And I have not made it online yet. But anyway, I can fly offline in campaigns or whatever I choose.
Thanks anyway Wailwulf, I thank you for your help.
Exactly what is preventing you from not flying online?

Are you seeing servers but getting booted from them?

Or just not seeing any servers to fly on?

If the problem is a firewall issue, it is pretty much out of my league

If it is the first problem, getting booted from the server, we can fix that.

If it is not seeing the servers, I would like to see the server content of the mplayer.ini to compare to what I have and see if it is okay.
Don't give up,,, flying RB online is fun, and you will meet a lot of great people from around the world !