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I'm continuing to fine tune FCJ and have noticed a few things that need some fixing:

- Medals: I noticed that when I get awarded a medal and view them in the "view medals/awards" option, I can see them, but there is no description. I can't remember, but I thought the original RB3D had a brief description of the medal. I'm not sure if this is a FCJ bug or if something else is wrong.

- Aircraft issue: I've noticed that there are some problems with some of the aircraft in FCJ. For example, there is a "Zepplin" listed as an "Allied aircraft" in the database. When selected, it looks like a French bomber. The Handley Page O/400 is shown as a French Dorand bomber. Lastly, there is a bomber in the mission debrief that is displayed as a "Vickers Type", but I have no idea what this aircraft is. I think something is jacked up with the aircraft database, but I'm not sure how to fix this.

Just looking to see if anyone has any solutions for these minor issues.
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