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I've read the various topics on mapping joystick functions to keystrokes, and most of them recommend using the mapper that came with your joystick. That's fine with me. However, I have a general question about the DosBox Mapper that I can't find answered anywhere, and so here's a simple example...

How would you map a button or key to produce the ">" greater-than key in the DosBox Mapper?

This involves pressing two keys, the shift and the comma. I can't figure out a way, using the DosBox mapper utility, to map anything to this combo. I can't get the "EVENT" field to show the equivalent of "key_>" although there is oddly a "<" less-than key already on the keyboard layout. This same problem would apply to other shifted-keystrokes, such as "+" or for any capital letter such as "W". Just curious.
Post edited June 05, 2011 by tritone