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I read an issue with someone else having a similar problem. I re-saved all my paint files as 256 bmp. Loaded the custom pain skins into the game and they show up a different color.

I figured maybe I just used colors outside of the 256 color range. To test, I only used the red and blue that were already used on a rudder. Still the same thing. I tried exporting new files, adding a red "X" on the rudder (using the same red again) and the whole rudder color was out of wack after importing.

Anyone else run into this?
The color palette used by RB3D is sort of locked in stone The best way to describe how it works is paint by numbers. The palette has all 256 colors and gives them basically a specific number. The image file calls out that number and the color in that number is used.

Now, if the palette that you are using all the same colors, but has them placed in different numbers, then the colors will get confused.

Example, the color palette you are using has blue in space 15, when in game, the game will look at it's palette and call on color 15, which might be hot pink.

When I did plane paints in MSPaint, I would take a texture I liked and modify it, but if needed a specific color, I would find it in another texture and copy and past it over to the original image.

I have, however found GIMP to be very good at doing RB3D airplane skins as the colormap is the correct palette when using a RB3D plane texture. .MSPaint (WinXP and older works but is a bit hard).

Paint.Net is not good as it does not keep the correct palette layout, it changes positions of the colors it upon saving.

has a page describing the color palette and has a great selection of skins for airplanes to use as a basis for your own schemes.

ANy other questions or clarification, just ask and I will try to help.
Thanks Wailfulf. I've tried copying the colors directly from a newly exported file and the colors still don't come in right.

I've even opened an exported file, saved it without changing anything, loaded it back up and it is still wonky.

I have no idea.

Update: I was able to import someone else's design from the link you gave me. An untouched file works. But when I tried resaving from paint and the colors were out of wack. Even though I'm saving a 256 bmp the colors are still getting mixed up. I will try to figure out GIMP. Maybe that will work better.
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I haven't tried MSPaint since I last had WinXP, so not sure how they changed the program.

Make sure Gimp saves in 16 bit format.

It has been a long time since I did custom skins, I may have to play with some in Gimp to figure what you need help on. So dont think it is a bother to ask.
Hey there! If you're experiencing issues with custom paint files changing colors in your game, there could be a few factors at play. Firstly, make sure that the custom paint files are compatible with your game and its graphics settings. Some games have specific requirements for custom content, so double-checking compatibility is essential.

Additionally, check if there are any updates or patches available for your game. Sometimes, game updates can address compatibility issues and ensure that custom content works correctly.

If the problem persists, consider reaching out to the game's support or modding community for assistance. They may have additional troubleshooting steps or insights to help you resolve the color-changing issue with your custom paint files. And if you're looking for a unique and personalized gaming experience, don't forget to check out custom paint by numbers options from Art of paint by numbers brand. Happy gaming!
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It seems you're encountering a color consistency issue when importing custom paint skins into a game, despite saving them as 256 bmp. The situation you describe reminds me of challenges sometimes faced in paint by numbers activities, where specific colors might not translate as expected due to palette limitations or digital discrepancies. Even when using colors already present in the game, such as red and blue, the imported skin appears differently. It's puzzling and might require delving deeper into the game's color settings or seeking community solutions. Has anyone else experienced or resolved a similar issue?
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