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I'm very happy that GOG has released this game, but I do have one slight problem with it. About 75% of the time there is a very jerky movement to the "camera" / player's viewpoint, for example when holding page up or page down to look up/down the viewpoint "stutters" and shakes up and down, which is highly annoying especially when trying to pick up a small object or something.

Anyone else run into this?
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You can use Home and End to gradually adjust the viewpoint to your liking and then hit PG Up/Down to reset the view point once you're done checking things out high and low or adjust to something more or less close to the default view point and leave it at that, that's what i do, and so far it seems that even when you go all the way up or down by using Home/End it doesn't stutter as bad or at all.

So yes, i've noticed when using PG Up/Down it does stutter quite a bit in some places.