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I have been posting ROTH on everyones "games you wish gog would release" on the forums here and such for a long time and now its here.

I have been wanting to play this game again and been anxiously waiting on it, so thank you for releasing it. I added it to my account just before posting this and downloading now. Im really happy to see the lesser known pc titles being given a good home here so new and old gamers can give them a try.

And thats why I like this site. Sure you do the bigger named games like baulders gate and so on but you also the lesser known games also and for that I thank you with my wallet. You really got me excited today when I saw ROTH had been added and its been a long time since I felt excited about anything, funny how a simple thing like a old cherished game being made playable again came cheer you up.

Now if we can just get these on here also hehe.......
The dark eye.
Shadow warrior,
Willy beamish.
Alone in the dark 1, 2, 3.
7th guest.
The uninvited.