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This is the one game I've been wanting GOG to release more than any other since the site started a couple of years ago. Since then, I've requested it on my wishlist, I emailed GOG about getting it, I wrote a magazine article on the game, I even bought it again from Ebay. I got my Christmas card from GOG last week and joked that it would be the best Christmas ever if GOG released ROTH.... and here we are.

I'm stunned. Every time I think there's no way GOG could get any more awesome, something like this happens. Anyway, GOG, thanks again I'm pretty much the happiest person in the world right now.
Yes indeed. This is one of the all-time classics, IMHO.

I know that GOG are always trying to acquire classic games, but I was similarly stunned to see ROTH here. Completely unexpected, and a brilliant surprise!

I still have my CDs and the original box, but who wants to swap CDs? I was going to wait for a sale, but I appear to have just bought it :)
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I must admit this is the first release in quite some time that made me incredibly happy. I have my original discs on my bookshelf but now I won't need to use them at all. Such a fantastic release!
I'll just copy my gushing post from the announcement thread:

Oh WOW! This is so amazing. I consider this one of the best games of all time. The story and world in this game are so fantastic. This is really a labour of love and you feel it all the way through.

There has never before or since been a game that has mixed adventure and FPS elements so brilliantly (that is not to say it is a particularly good FPS, so don't go expecting something like Undying). And then they put full motion video on top of it and it all just works so well together to create one of the most creative games of all time.

Fantastic release, GOG team!
<3 GOG
A few months before this game was released, a friend of mine & I went to a computer games show in Earls Court, London. We'd been walking around for ages when we saw this small booth all covered in the ROTH logos but very dark inside.

We opened the side curtain and went in. There were 3 guys sitting around a monitor playing what looked to me, to be an excellent 3d shooter, a few more bystanders were in the very small room just watching, apart from the sounds of the game, it was deathly quiet.

After a minute or two of watching I decided to say something complimentary as I was quite impressed by what i saw, desperately wanting to sound cool in what was obviously a room full of my peers I quietly blurted out to my buddy " Well this looks truly excellent and running so smoth as well...impressive" Knowing full well the room would also overhear, but wanting it so sound like it was just said to my buddy.

HE....on the other hand was not so impressed....and at the top of his very loud canadian accent says " Nah...looks like shit...lets go !".

At this statement the 3 guys sitting down playing the game all turned and looked at my loud mouthed mate. One of these guys was Tony Crowther, the games programmer. I recognised him as the guy who had written two of the favourite games ever on the Amiga, Captive and Knightmare. I would have loved to have told the guy how much I liked his games , and that I'd been playing them since the Commodore 64 games ( The awesome TRAP ) but my best mate entirely scuppered any confidence I had to speak out.

I made one concillatory comment about it "looking amazing" and exited stage left damned fast before the dirty looks from the games programmer became a kick in the nuts.

I admired this guy for the awesome games he wrote, here's hoping GOG gets CAPTIVE and KNIGHTMARE soon, they were simply amazing and were also published by Gremlin.....hmmm...who knows.....
It has been 15 years since I played the demo, and I always hoped GOG would have this just awesome! Thanks again GOG.
Yeah was one of the few games i remember from my childhood I would consider as an epic adventure,

Solid gameplay and it stays very varied throughout, Some of the characters you meet along away are very unique remember being freaked out when I saw the gnarl for the first time lol.

Plenty of plot twists and developments make this a worthy purchase
I was so happy to see RoTH on the catalogue. It is a truly stand out title and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Thanks GoG. Keep up the great work.
I hadn't even heard of this game before it appeared on GoG and I am absolutely blown away by it. I'm a big fan of horror games and the atmosphere and tension in this one is second to none. It's incredible that a game as old as this can still give me the willies; that damn phonograph in one of the first rooms... yeesh.
One of the best game ever. Never played or tried since one week ago. I've finished yesterday and I have to tell that, sad to say, there aren't game like this anymore.