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There are some minor sound glitches - pops & clicks - in the intro movie (perhaps also in other fmv files, don't know yet, only know the first few rooms so far).

It's noticable in the scene with all the lightning effects and the stones, and again noticable when the movie switches to the protagonist first appearing sitting in that car, and further later on in his introductory memories when showing the fake priest etc.

At first, I thought my system just isn't powerful enough to emulate the movies properly or it must have to do with the Dosbox settings.

But the glitches are still the same when played outside of dosbox with the external GDV player, so it definitely is a problem with the original fmv delivered with the gog version of the game. I checked an available different version, an iso of the game cd, and the gdv on that cd also has the same problem, so simply exchanging the gdv files from the original game cd didn't help.

The GOG version and the CD are as far as I understand based on the UK version of the game. Has there ever been another version with recoded video and audio streams that didn't have these glitches? Maybe the original US CDs?