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Too be honest i never played this game but this game had left a mark on me when i was a kid. I remember there was a magazine that reviewed pc games, well it was a unique magazine it didnt rate the games but they telled how the game mecanics were and what he she liked and diliked of the game and they told wich grp of people would love it i remember reading a review of this game review was the last review i was reading about them till i never heard of them later when i had cable internet i remember that game name and that magazine and i wanted to know what happen to that magazine and i red an article that scared me.
It is what they say was that they were put under pressure by gaming companies to review there beta games and that they must stop reviewing retail version of the games because then its too late to review a game and that they treathen them if they dont review there alpha or beta games that they wont want to advertise on there magazine or they dont allow them to send them a copy of the game. The magazine was someone who wanted to review the retail versions of the game because that is the end game how the consumer wil get the game. But sometimes companies demanded that they review an alpha or beta version or even only a trailer they send. It terrified me that is the game world this corrputed that they put pressure on review companies to give a high score or an uncomplete review as long it is reviewed before it hits the shells so people will buy it blindly. But how can you give a review serious if they advertise the game on that site?
sorry wanted to tell that why i remember this game :)