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Hi everyone,
I just finished Blade of Destiny (great game!) and would like to import my characters to Star Trail. However, I seem to be unable to figure out how to do so. No one else seems to be having this problem, and importing characters from one game to the next is usually very simple. Thus I suspect that I'm missing something shamefully and mind-numbingly obvious--the kind of thing only a small child or a person who has never used a computer before could have difficulty figuring out. Sadly, I have no excuse except that I'm not very computer literate. Still, any help posters here can provide would be appreciated.
This question / problem has been solved by Ralackkimage
Find the Blade of Destiny folder and copy your saves from that and put them into the games subfolder in startrail.
The files you need are each of your characters which will be whatever you called them .CHR and the save file whatever you called it .Gam
Then just load up star trail and right click and select add character your characters should be in the list of the defualt ones.
If your running vista or win7 and you cant find the saves also check these folders.
C:\users\your_username\AppData\Local\ ;Virtual Store\Program Files\\
The above folder may be hidden. Also if your running 64 bit it will be Program Files(x86)
or C:\users\your username\saved games or \mydocuments?
I think you just have to load your game from ROA 1 into ROA 2 and then save it.
So, find the ROA 1 save game with the characters you want to import and copy it to ROA's 2 'GAMES' folder. Then load it up in ROA 2 and make a new save.
I thinks that's the way it works.
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Ha! Thanks both to Ralackk and Namur. I started using a machine with vista a few weeks ago and hadn't thought to check the later two folders until they were listed by Ralackk. I knew the solution would be something fairly obvious, but I nevertheless feel somewhat ashamed to have overlooked something so simple . I greatly appreciate the help.
When I switched to win7 it took me a fair amount of time to get used to the strange way it stores data compared to xp so nothing to feel ashamed of, I'm sure it takes everyone at least a bit of time to remember or work it out.
A trick is to install games outside of program files to a dedicated games folder or something, that way for older games the saves are found in the game folder and not moved to the virtual store.
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Hi, I've had a similar problem...I can't find the file where my character are saved and I cant find my saved games either. I've tried looking in both the locations that were suggested here.

I download the games from this site if that makes any difference. I've searched through the folder they were downloaded to for ages and can't find them either :(

I've even searched my character names through the entire c drive and still nothing...

Would really appreciate some tips. It's probably something obvious and I'm just being silly. I can't say I'm the most computer literate unfortunately.