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When I read the reviews of this game, most are very positve, but some of them tells me this game is overpriced. I don't get it. A very very bad game will always be overpriced, (unless it somehow becomes a collectible- e.g. Odama for gamcube could end up in this category) but how can a game that is widely considered a masterpiece be overpriced at 5.99$?
Is it because platformer's with childish looks can't be worth your money?!! Well, then go on and buy some expensive game of crap with grown up looks that won't last for a day.
I have actually never played this game, but these reviews just didn't make my day, and now I will deffinetly buy it!
Rayman is one of my childhood's game, so I didn't consider it as an "overpriced" game ^^.
Whenever it costs, I buy it because I LOVE this game ^^
You can think that way, it's the original game plus a expansion pack (Rayman By his Fans, a pack with more levels - something like what id software did with Master Levels of Doom ), so it's like you get Rayman for $4.00 and The expansion for $2.00. It's sure worth. (Even If I don't like the level design from some levels of the expansion, it's still worth the 2 bucks to expand the gameplay).

Also, Rayman is a great plataform game (as is Rayman 2 & 3) with exceptional artworks and level design. Well, I could describe it much more detailed but we already have a lot of reviews.

But pay attention to one thing: this game can be pretty challenger. ;-) (It means: Hard!!)
Post edited April 02, 2011 by LkMaxBr