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Alright, so I beat Razorbeard and everything at this point and after beating him completing the game, I decided to revisit the game and go back to the places where I have missed some Lums (I'm playing the PC version by the way). But what I noticed is in most places, everything's normal and the Lums do appear exactly where they are supposed to, though in some places like The Echoing Caves and Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, some don't. I don't want this bug to prevent me from achieving 100% completion, since I have like 97.(?) something percent already complete. I have reached the level Wise at this point in the game which is the penultimate level, the last one being Omniscient in The Knowledge of the World which you can obviously only get by collecting all of the Lums and breaking all cages. I mean, I got the cages down, those are not the things preventing me from completing the game 100% at all because I can get almost all of them (well, maybe except for the last one currently in the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, I'm having quite some problems in getting it since I just can't for the love of God get). I mean, as for the Knowledge of the World, sure, I can look it up but I don't want to spoil the last piece of lore for myself as that way, there wouldn't be any reason whatsoever for me to keep playing the game. So yeah, did anyone else have this issue before? In that case, any sort of help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Okay, I just realised there's no bug, I was actually missing some Lums, they were just in very well hidden areas so I didn't notice them.