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Hi, so following problem: I got the game, I changed all the settings like recommended (meaning I installed nGlide and changed the stuff in GXSetup and got Rayman Control Panel), however: whenever I use my Switch Pro Controller (works fine with every other game) and run the game with native Controller support enabled, the game goes apeshit, meaning constantly pressing A and B on it's own on a ultra fast speed and makes the menus al flickery and you can chose nothing like this, only when I disconnect the controller things go back to normal and I am able to close the game down.

So: is there a way to fix that? Normal Keyboard buttonmapping won't work, since certain actions are not bindable like that.
That's odd. I haven't tried with a Pro controller, but PS4 and normal XInput controllers seem to work fine. You could use a program like Joy2Key to bind the controls, but you'll loose the analog control support then.
I have had similar issues with other programs/games. The issue went away when I used betterjoyforcemu to connect my pro controller as XINPUT. If you go this route, don't forget to get the modern controller patch from the Rayman PC FAQ thread.