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ChronicJuiceboxx: Here's how I fixed my Rayman 2 Issues:

1. Install nGlide (Google it.)

2. After you have installed that, go to your Rayman 2 directory. In the DLL folder there is a folder labeled Glide. The file that is contained in that folder (GliVd1vf.dll) needs to be copied to the DLL folder. I recommend copy and paste so you don't accidentally lose the file.

3. Next, run the GXSetup.exe file in the main folder and select the Glide driver (0 Glide2 (1.0.0) Voodo Graphics Glide 2 Driver) from the Renderer drop down box. Don't forget to set your resolution before clicking ok.

4. Finally, you are set to run Rayman 2!

I haven't had any problems with it since doing this. It alleviates the hassle of rolling back your drivers every time you want to play this game. I hope this helps.
I did exactly what you sayed, but after i launch the game, the logo for nglide appear and then black screen, i needed to press alt + f4 so i can return to the destkop, then in menager it was writen that rayman 2 is not responding :/
If you go to your start menu there is a folder for nGlide. Run the configurator and play around with the settings. Most of the settings by default are whatever the applications native settings are. You could try to change them forcing the setting i.e. Resolution, VSync, etc. You can also shut off the 3Dfx logo that appears at startup.

Secondly, you could back up your saved game, try re-installing Rayman 2, and then do steps 2-4. You could also try re-installing nGlide or your graphics driver. Also try running the application as an admin, run in compatibility mode, or disable desktop composition. Sometimes that helps with older programs. Lastly, you might just try waiting a minute and see if it loads. I noticed that my screen would go black for several seconds before it loaded.

Another side note: I'm using an EVGA Nvidia GTX550ti with the 320.49 driver. I'm not sure what you're running in your rig but it may just be your Graphics Card. I just put my specs as reference point so you could baseline your GPU off of what I'm running.

Good Luck! I hope you can get it to work.
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Is there a workaround without using the 3dfxglide dll OR rolling back to an outdated video driver? I'm actually playing modern and the newest PC games as well so it is kind of tricky.

Or is the rollback the only solution right now and if so it is likely to expect a GOG patch for Rayman 2?

Damn, I loved that game as a children but since it was so difficult I couldn't manage to finish it back then.
Yay! The newest Nvidia beta driver (326.41) works fine with Rayman 2 : )
Filben: Yay! The newest Nvidia beta driver (326.41) works fine with Rayman 2 : )
Thank you!