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I bought this game when I had a Dell and ran I have a Macbook Pro and want to still play this awesome game. Can I get this to work on my MacBook?
Unfortunately the version of this game [url=]is the one made by DotEmu[/url] which is only for Windows. On Mac your options are:
1. Run the game using WINE which is free open source software and according to the last test Raptor works with it. EDIT: Check out this alternate launcher so you don't have to install the .NET Framework
2. Install Windows using bootcamp or a virtual machine like VMWare fusion
3. Buy the DOS version of the game from its original publisher 3D Realms or Ebay; which doesn't have the control problems that the Windows versions do. Then run that using the free DOSBox emulator, checkout Boxer which is a DOSBox frontend for OS X that I have heard good things about.. You could try this using the free shareware version first which you can download from the 3D Realms site.
4. Buy the OS X version which is by DotEMU as well, I don't know if it has the control problems.
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