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Hi @ all,

On the first: I'm not a native speaker. I hope my english doesn't sound too horrible to you. If it does: Sorry^^.

Last night I felt boring, so I programmed a new Launcher for Raptor which looks almost like the "Original"-Launcher - but with one important difference: It doesn't need a dotNET-Framework to run it. The whole game does normally not need the dotNET-Framework, except the "Raptor.exe"-Launcher...

So, why should anybody use that other Launcher? Well, I got 2 reasons:

1) Linux-Users, who want to install and play Raptor with wine, but don't want to install mono or dotNET* (I've tested it on Archlinux with an "clean"-Wine-Environment 1.3.18 - it works perfectly...)

2) WinXP-Users, who don't want install such (relatively) heavy Frameworks like dotNET*. For me, I have an old Laptop with WinXP and just 256 MB RAM... If I would install dotNET on that Laptop, WinXP would be really, REALLY slow for me...

*(Of course, you can use the commandline too. But it's not really user-friendly for non-consoleros ;) )

So, the Downloadlink for the new Launcher is here: (ca. 500 kb )

To use it, just replace the Original-Launcher with that one. (Linux-Users should watch about case sensitivity - "Raptor.exe" vs. "raptor.exe")

The following text may be only interesting for programmers:

You can download the sourcecode for that Lauchner too. If you don't trust me, you can compile it from itself ;) . It's here: (ca. 70 kb )

The Graphics are all from the Original-Launcher, "Print-Screen" and mspaint ;) (and Resource Hacker to export the Icon). The Program is written in AutoIT. I'm using a function "resources.au3" from an user called "Zedna". She/He describes her/his script here. I don't know about the license from ressources.au3, but I'm pretty sure it's OK to use it for a program like mine^^.

The Program itself is released under "Public Domain", that means: I disclaim every right from the sourcecode. If the license of AutoIT and "resources.au3" allows it, even can include this Launcher on the setup-raptor.exe ;) .

Well, as say: I felt boring last night ;) . That program was primary written for me in personal use, but I think, it may be useful for others too...
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This works excellently, also using WINE on Linux, thanks!
Bump. I've had some trouble downloading this incredibly useful file due to 404 errors, so just in case this file goes down again I've put both the launcher and its source code into a zip file which I've uploaded on

Hopefully the OP doesn't mind, but if s/he does, I'd be willing to take the link down. Once again, many, many warm thanks to Astorek86 for his/her efforts. It works great in WINE/CrossOver, and it saves me the trouble of installing .NET!
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