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If you want an little extra challenge, try this when you start a mission:

At the screen for choosing the sector (or autopilot), you will see what looks like a blue switch and 3 dimmed red square lights to the right of the blue switch. Below each of the dimmed red square lights are big buttons with a funky symbol on each. Clicking those buttons does not do anything. BUT, click the blue switch to the left and THEN click the buttons with the funky symbols and you will light up the red square lights.

Light up all 3 red square lights and then make your normal choice (a sector or autopilot). When you make your choice, you will hear a funny noise. In the DOS version of the game it sounded like laughing monkeys. In this version it almost sounds like static (at least it does on my laptop). Play a level you have played before and you will notice some new enemies. They may seem indestructible, but they can be killed - it just takes a LOT of hit points!
My mind has just been blown.

Thanks for the tip!
austing: My mind has just been blown.

Thanks for the tip!
heh heh - you're welcome!