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Glitched mission files making the game unwinnable,Most music is missing, and zero expansions come on gog its been a year at least since they released this!
Post edited December 17, 2015 by cherylj32
cherylj32: Glitched mission files making the game unwinnable,Most music is missing, and zero expansions come on gog its been a year at least since they released this!
Which missions seem to be "glitched' to you? I haven't noticed that, as a brief inspection of my CD-based install versus this seems to show that the mission files are identical in all cases.

Yep, the music which was played from CD is absent. This is common on games which used "Redbook audio" (CD tracks played through the integrated Win9x CD player utility) rather than music stored on the hard disk. There are some iffy legal issues with taking those off (since they're technically "recorded music" rather than part of the game) that keeps Steam and GoG from doing this unless they get permission to do so (which seems not to have been the case with this game).

HOWEVER... a very brief web search will turn up a few DLL files you can drop into your game directory, and Ogg Vorbis-format ripped CD tracks ready for installation, which will return all this to do. But GoG, as things stand right now, can't provide those (I'm sure they wish that they could).

You'll notice this on a LOT of games which used the once-popular "redbook audio" approach to in-game music.

Third... there is only one expansion for the first Rainbow Six game. It was called "Eagle Watch" and it required the use of a unique game executable file. This EXE file has never been able to be made run by anyone I've ever heard of on any system post-Windows-9x. I have no idea why not.

Note... Rogue Spear is not an expansion pack to Rainbow Six. It's essentially "Rainbow Six 2." It has it's own expansions... "Urban Operations," "Covert Operations Essentials," and "Black Thorn," which all have their own EXE files. I'd be surprised if, when GoG finally gets the rights to release Rogue Spear, they don't also release the expansions to THAT, at that time.

A while back, some industrious programmer-types figured out how to remove the assets from the Eagle Watch expansion and transform them into a MOD able to run on the second Rainbow Six game ("Rogue Spear"). Or rather, on one of the (also driven by unique EXEs) expansions... the one called "Urban Operations."

They've also done the same with the original Rainbow Six missions. And there are mods which will add back in the entire original front-end for each of those as well... meaning, you can run both the original Rainbow Six and the single Rainbow Six expansion pack, Eagle Watch, from under Rogue Spear. And generally speaking, Rogue Spear is a much more capable, much more compatible program. Once you have it, and all the various mods installed, you really have no reason to keep the original game installed at all! (Sort of like how the entire game content of Descent - Freespace is now available as part of the Freespace Open project, running on the vastly upgraded modern version of the Freespace 2 engine)

So... I suspect that releasing R6(1) was a test run of sorts... if it does well, they'll hopefully be able to get Rogue Spear (and its whole family of official add-ons) provided. And you can, with third-party add-ons, run the entire first game (including its add-on) through that as well... ESPECIALLY if you have the data files from the first one provided through GoG, in which case GoG may be able to provide that mod to you as part of the deal!