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This has to be a bug, right?

I'm playing through the tutorials and on the hostage rescue 1 tutorial I always get instakilled by the first enemy that sees me, in less than a second

It happens so fast that a lot of times I can't even begin to control my other teammates before they also perish, it usually goes like this:

1.- I go very slowly (As in no running) and peeking corners

2.- In one corner there's an enemy that immediately kills me

3.- If my squad is with me, they run to where I am because they heard a shot and they get killed in an instant too, I get literally no time to react or to play as another squad member because they all die in less than a second

There's even a time where starting that tutorial I pick the lock and before the door fully opens my squad gets instakilled, that's no fun

Playing through the campaign is even worse because a lot of times I don't even get killed by peeking corners, I get killed because an AI enemy happened to be behind me (and again, I have literally 0 time to react)

I thought it was an FPS issue (my PC is quite modern and powerful), but even capping my FPS to 30 the issue is still there

Is that intentional? Am I missing something? I know there's flashbangs but if I can't even know if there's an enemy behind me before gettung instakilled, how would that be useful?
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