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Hi! This is my first time posting something, so hello to everyobdy, I really like what GOG is doing!

So, I've just bought and install Railroad Tycoon 3, but it doesn't seem to work, it doesn't even load. I just double click the icon and it shows on the Task Manager but after 4 seconds it dissapears without even loading. I have an i7 4770 with 16gb of RAM and a GTX 760

Anyone else having the same problem?


EDIT: by the way, I've tried running it in compatibility mode with 7, XP and Vista, but it didn't load either
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Ok, sorry for double posting, but for some reason if I launch it from the Galaxy client (which I have just installed) it just works...

I guess I'll just leve this here in case somebody has the same problem. Sorry again for the double post