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The boss fight is absolutely bananas.

I attempted twice and haven't yet beaten it. The first time the game crashed to Windows with a fatal error after Dusty's first pixelverse section of the fight, and the second time I failed because Rad kept immediately and mysteriously dying after Dusty completed his second section -- it sure looked like a bug, but am going to try again to see if it keeps happening.

I'm trying really hard to not think of the overall fight as being unfair. There is so much happening on the screen at once though, and an unexpected (and quite literal) flipping of the script makes it nearly unplayable and almost ruins the fun.

The rest of the game up to this point is great though.

Going to give it another chance. Hope to report back later with success.


EDIT: I succeeded. It turns out there's more Dusty has to do after accomplishing his goal in the second pixelverse section, which defies what we've come to expect out of these sections all through the game up to now.

There were audio issues during the end cutscene -- The tree's dialog was completely inaudible after the Dusty's line about the wooden pipe. Everyone else's voice worked, just not the tree's. Then during the credits, two different songs began playing simultaneously. Odd.

I still enjoyed the game overall, but I have to look way past these glitches and a few upsetting gameplay issues to do so.
Post edited December 02, 2016 by codefenix