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While setting up Quest for Glory 1 EGA for Roland MT-32, I noticed that there's an option for "Roland MT-32" by itself, and one for "Roland MT-32 plus Sound Blaster"

I must confess that I've never actually tried this particular setting, and now I'm curious - what does this actually do for the audio that simply setting it to "Roland MT-32" doesn't?

I may give it a try later if no one else has.
Simple. The MT-32 does not produce digitized sound effects, only music. With the MT-32/Sound Blaster combo option, the sound effects are handled by the Sound Blaster while the MT-32 plays the tunes. With the MT-32 alone, sound effects are approximated by midi instruments.

EDIT: You know, I gave it some more thought and I don't think there is any difference. I have QG1OLD from the Quest For Glory Collector's Series CD-ROM, and my install program for it is the old black screen one, and does not list "Roland MT-32 plus Sound Blaster" as an option. I'm assuming you have a release (the GOG one?) that uses the newer colorized install program, and it lists that option because other games at the time which had the same installer actually did use it, with the effect described in my earlier paragraph.
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No, it's the old black and white one. Here, lemme show you.

It's weird that you don't have it, though, because I thought the GOG version was identical to the QFG Collection and using Collector's installer.
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Yep, here's mine. Only one Roland option.

For what it's worth, my QG1OLD from the CD-ROM is version 1.200. Maybe they added digitized effects in another version? Which do you have?
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Mine is 1.200, too.