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This only works with imported characters (whereas a Fighter can naturally get 500 points even as a new character) but still, thanks to this handy glitch, you can break past the game's ill-programmed point list and achieve the previously unattainable 500 points!

Actually, you'll be going above this, but the game stops counting after 500, so eh.

Much thanks to iICrowIi for accidentally discovering this glitch during a speedrun.

First step is import your character as a Paladin up to the point where you assign points.

Immediately cancel and re-import your character as a Wizard or Thief.

Behold - you've now given Paladin Points to a non-Paladin character. This will enable you to learn Paladin powers, which will give you 2 points for each power learned, up to 8 points in total.

The normal max points for Wizard and Thief are 493 and 495, respectively.

But there's a chance you might not have reached either of these, and that's understandable! Let me go over some easily missed points, particularly ones that seem like you should've obviously gotten them to begin with.

Important! Don't return to get the reward for rescuing the Meerbat as a Wizard or Thief. You gain 5 points for grabbing the opal in the final act, but no points for grabbing the opal from the Meerbat. Grabbing the opal from the Meerbat also locks you out of gaining it later.

Talking to Khatib at the Welcome Inn and asking him about the Peace Mission grants 7 points for all classes.
In order to do this, you have to have eaten at the welcome inn at least once. It's also possible you need to have gained the dispel potions, too, but we're not sure about that, yet.

Asking Uhura about "Spear" in the hut after visiting the Laibon is a missable 7 points for all classes.
Asking Uhura about "Marriage" (in her hut after the Leopardwoman is revealed) or about "Gifts" (after marrying Johari) will grant 2 points to all classes.

As a Wizard, when dealing with the shadow snake that the Shaman summons, use an attack spell (flame dart, force bolt, or lightning ball) instead of Dazzle. You're not directly attacking the Shaman, so you're not breaking any rules by doing this, and you gain points that you would otherwise not.

As a Thief (and also as a Fighter), do not "Tell Johari about Drum". Instead, grab the drum from your inventory and try to hand it to her. For some reason, telling her about the drum does not grant points - trying to give it to her does. This is a very easy 8 points to miss, but not as easy as the next one.
Also, when going to the Leopardman's Hut to steal the spear, Turn the difficulty all the way up before crossing the rope. This is very important because you're supposed to get 8 points for crossing the rope - but if the difficulty is set too low, then the game skips the minigame and doesn't award you points for crossing the rope. This is an extremely easy 8 points to miss and quite the mind-boggler!

With hard work and stubborn determination, you too can join the few, the proud, the True Heroes!

...Sadly, this also means that an imported Paladin is the only one that cannot quite reach 500 points, being just 3 points short at 497. Only a Fighter who becomes a Paladin can achieve this - by a whopping 13 points over the limit!

Images as proof:

(Much thanks to the Quest for Glory-Speedrunning Discord for helping me narrow down the those last stubborn 8 points for Thief)
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Nice finds, Zachski!

Guess I'm gonna have to replay Quest For Glory III to squeeze some extra powers for my Fighter/Wizard/Thief hybrid character.
blueskirt42: Nice finds, Zachski!

Guess I'm gonna have to replay Quest For Glory III to squeeze some extra powers for my Fighter/Wizard/Thief hybrid character.
The only thing I can really take credit for finding is that the 8 points for crossing the rope to the hut only happens if the difficulty is high enough.

The rest belong to the speed running community for this game - especially iICrowIi, who did a lot of practice for RPG Limit Break and discovered the import glitch in the process. And also discovered that you have to use an attack spell on the shadow snake illusion to get points for that part of the magic duel.
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