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Okay, most of you are aware that if you enter a battle after having thrown daggers, all thrown daggers become irrecoverable due to the game treating the battle as changing screens.

This is also the only game in the series where this is a problem.

However, there is one part in the game where you can actually *generate* a new dagger.

When spying on B & B in order to learn the secret word that'll make Fred the Troll go away, if you throw a dagger at Brutus after Bruno leaves, he'll die, as usual. Then, you go into your inventory and "pick up" the dagger on the floor.

Then, avoiding Bruno, go visit his corpse and click a hand on his corpse.

You'll recover the dagger you just picked up, thus giving you a new dagger out of nowhere. (Though in all honesty, it would make sense anyways because Brutus will throw daggers at you if you hang around the screen too long, so he should have some on his person)

You'll have to click your hand on the corpse again to get the key, however, so don't forget it if you're a Fighter.
That's really cool, I knew neither about this glitch nor about the fact that Brutus throws daggers at you if you stay on the screen too long.