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2 great tributes to Quest For Glory. I'll try to compare them based on a number of factors:

1. Combat system. Heroine's Quest has a very good combat system. It takes learning and getting used to, but once I started learning it, I began to really enjoy the combat in this game. It's also nice that if you set combat all the way down to easy, you can automatically win each fight. Good for the people who play these games for everything but the combat. AGDI's QFG2 is still the overwhelming winner in terms of combat systems for these games, but Heroine's Quest comes in 2nd place. One knock on the Heroine's Quest system: if you drink a potion while an enemy is attacking you, you lose the potion. That is so frustrating. Quest For Infamy's combat system is lousy, which even the game designers admit.

Advantage: Heroine's Quest

2. Voice acting. The Heroine's Quest voice acting is solid all around, with some great voices and no really bad voices. The lack of a narrator is a weakness though. With Quest For Infamy, I give them huge props to Infamous Quests. Their voice acting in this game is a huge improvement compared to their previous works. There's still room for even more improvement, but I find the voice acting in this game to be very charming and the really bad voices (The Morroi, the unnamed townspeople) are mainly minor characters. And I love James Mulvale as the narrator, which makes this a difficult choice.

Advantage: Heroine's Quest

3. The humor: Heroine's Quest's biggest weakness is its humor. But the talking trolls generate some humorous idiocy. One highlight you may not know of is as a rogue, when you go to Gastropnir for the final battle and Thrivaldi can tie you up, you and Thrivaldi can sing a Queen song together. Quest For Infamy has humor, and lots of it. The humor is dirtier and cruder than "Quest For Glory" but I enjoy it. I mainly enjoy the sarcastic comments from the narrator.

Advantage: Quest For Infamy

4. The artwork. Both games have very nice VGA-style artwork and your classic point-and-click interface.

Advantage: Even:

5: The music. Heroine's Quest has solid music all around. The only piece of music that I really love though is the Gastropnir theme. Infamous Quest games, on the other hand, have amazing soundtracks thanks to composer James Mulvale. Highlights include the music for wandering the valley at night, Jerrod's apothecary theme, and the Tyr end-game music.

Advantage: Quest For Infamy

6: The story. Well this is a difficult comparison, if not an impossible one. In Heroine's Quest, you're still trying to be the hero. The fact that you're a woman doesn't make a single change in the premise. In Quest For Infamy, you're just kind of a rogue and a selfish person: where you become a hero only because it's what you have to do to help yourself. So it's apples and oranges. But both Crystal Shards and Infamous Quests did what they set out to do, and they did it very well.

Advantage: Even

7. Intangibles 1:

Heroine's Quest throws some difficult challenges at you right off the bat. First, there's no food anywhere in town and you have to find some before you freeze/starve to death, and you do it at the beginning of the game when you haven't had a chance to increase your stats. And you can't get healing potions at the beginning of the game. Then you have to go out into the wilderness and save a man who has fallen unconscious in the woods even though it's difficult to get far without freezing. And then a thief steals everything you have. Not a nice way to start the game for newcomers. Quest For Infamy does a much better job of easing newcomers into the game. All you need to do is talk to people at first, and the challenges you get are reasonable for your beginner stats. Quest For Infamy is full screen, whereas Heroine's Quest isn't. I don't like that you can freeze to death in Heroine's Quest: yeah it's realistic but too much realism doesn't always make for the best game design. Heroine's Quest has a nice map that automatically draws itself, but you can't teleport with it. Quest For Infamy has a teleportation map that you can get near the beginning of the game. Heroine's Quest eventually has a teleportation thing that you can earn, but that isn't until later in the game. Heroine's Quest is filled with references to other games. Quest For Infamy has a few. Money is easier to obtain in Quest For Infamy because of an archery game that you can play as many times as you want and get as much money as you want. Heroine's Quest does a better job at providing unique things for the Warrior, sorceress, and rogue. Roehm always has to fight (so the Brigand class has no real advantages) and he can alwasy sneak and as a sorcere, he can obtain a pick lock spell and perform most of the break-ins the rogue can (which reduces the advantages for the rogue). So in Quest For Infamy, the sorceror is the best class. Quest For Infamy has an easter egg sidequest involving the ATM at the bank among other things: That's a heck of a thing if you can find it.

Quest For Infamy wins more of the intangibles.

So the score is:

Quest For Infamy: 3
Heroine's Quest: 2
Draws: 2

So overall, I say Quest For Infamy is the winner by a little bit.

But if you're low on money in real life, Heroine's Quest is free and Quest For Infamy is expensive, so that's another thing to consider.
I have not completed either one, so it's probably not fair for me to place one above the other. I managed to play most of the way through Heroine's Quest before I lost interest and began playing something else. As for Quest for Infamy, I barely scratched the surface, barely made it past the point at which the class is determined.

From what I've seen so far, Heroine's Quest is the better of the two. Overall better designed, keeps with the QFG tradition of drawing from a regional mythology (I quite like how the Norse mythology worked with the style of a traditional QFG game), has a smoother battle interface, intuitive spell list, consistent eye-pleasing visuals, etc. Dominates in every way, in my opinion.

Quest for Infamy, while having its own brand of humor and occasionally nice artwork, is a disjointed mess, showing all the signs of a long tumultuous development hell. Artwork quality varies from often one scene to the next, or most especially, from one character portrait to the next. Battle is clunky and unpredictable beyond any reasonable measure. The popup notification of increased skill is annoying. Spoken lines of dialog often sound over-acted or over-enunciated.

One aspect Quest of Infamy that I do really like is how the main character organically grows into his class, rather than selecting a class from the start of the game. That was a legitimately innovative and interesting.

Comparing the two, I can't believe they charge money for Quest for Infamy and give Heroine's Quest away for free.
GoG needs to get Heroine's Quest, by the way. The game is Awesome!