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crosshair 1
sv_aim 1
r_particles 2
alias +movejump "+jump;+moveup;"
alias -movejump "-jump;-moveup;"
bind mouse2 +movejump
bind "mwheelup" "impulse 10"
bind "mwheeldown" "impulse 12"
+mlook and -mlook - When mlook is active moving the mouse forwards and backwards performs a lookup and lookdown respectively.

crosshair - setting this value to 1 displays a crosshair.

sv_aim - the default value of 0.93 gives the player a small amount of autoaim. Setting the value to 1 eliminates the autoaim, while lowering the value allows for more autoaim.

gl_texturemode - The default texture mode is GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST. GL_NEAREST is used to optimize performance, while GL_LINEAR uses interlopation to improve textures. Each has two different types of _MIPMAPs, _NEAREST and _LINEAR, that try to increase the look of faraway objects. _NEAREST attempts to do this by washing out textures to eliminate pixels, while _LINEAR tries to keep the quality of the pixels and render them from far distances.

impulse 10 - selects the next weapon

impulse 12 - selects the previous weapon
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