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Previous games had them, this hasn´t. Does anybody know the reason for it?
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Incredible, more then four months and this is still only one of three threads... of the most inactive subforums of all times?
RadonGOG: Previous games had them, this hasn´t. Does anybody know the reason for it?
I was surprised about it as well. Maybe this time the music artist has a bandcamp page where people are supposed to buy the soundtrack, and it’s separate from the game? I haven’t checked it, but I’ve seen that being the case for other games before. That would be one possible reason I could imagine.

A quick web search shows my suspicion was spot-on:

Embedded Bandcamp page of Supergiant Games/Darren Korb is linked on the Supergiant website.

Digital Album
Streaming + Download
Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

The Pyre Original Soundtrack packs close to two hours of original music by Supergiant's award-winning composer and audio director, Darren Korb. Featuring vocals by Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, the album also contains bonus material and arrangements not found in the game.
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