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I used to own this game on a disc, but the stupid Starforce copy protection kept crashing my computer. Its nice to see that GOG released this DRM Free. Aside from this is its realistic ball physics and colorful graphics. You can actually hear the ball roll around the table as you play. Another thing I noticed, is just like a real pinball machine, you can see the ball jump up to the glass from time to time. Id suggest reading the manual throughly , however to enjoy what it all has to offer. The game is also very forgiving on older computers with low end graphics cards as the options allow you to turn off the details should it slow down to a crawl. Overall for $5.99 its a very low price to pay for a game with such high replay value and features.
(A side note to parents , this game does contain images of sexy women on the loading screen, but its not imorally wrong like the stuff you see in Lesiure Suit Larry)