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Download dxwnd from http s : / / / projects / dxwnd /
install + start , need to be started everytime before play

My used DxWnd version:
DxWnd version : v2.05.83
DxwPlay version : v1.06

a) DXWnd -> (Right-click) -> add or b) DXWnd -> Edit -> add

Name: Pure Pinball
Path: c:\Gog Galaxy\Games\Pure Pinball 2.0 REDUX\Pure Pinball 2.0 REDUX.exe

2. (Dxwnd menubar)
DXWnd -> Options -> Expert Mode

(Right-click) Pure Pinball Icon -> Modify

(Tab) Timing

(Panel) System speed -> CPU slow down [x] (set to check)
(Panel) System speed -> ratio 1: 2
(Panel) System speed -> ratio 1: 8

Hit button try in the bottom.
The Game switch on my Computer from Iridon/Legendo Screen -> Menu Screen
in less than 30 sec.

(tab) Main -> (Panel) Generic -> Run in Window [ ] (set to uncheck)

On Dxwnd exit , save changes to tasklist. Or DxWnd-> File -> Save
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