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I just bought and downloaded this great looking pinball machine, but EVERY TIME I try to start it, it crashes.

And then I read these forums, and see,I'm not the only one....


What the heck?? I've been about as good a customer of GOG as one can be, I own so many GOG games I can't count them, but this is the first time I've had such problems while SIMULTANEOUSLY seeing others did as well, that makes me wonder what the heck???

The game starts. It comes up. As soon as it gets to the Select A Table (or whatever that selection was, where you pick between the railroad and the other two), I pick one, and it doesn't matter which one, I've tried them all, EVERY TIME my system hangs. Doesn't "crash" per say, just hangs, right there, with the screen sort of split between the game and my wallpaper, and just hangs. While the sounds continue as though everything is ok.

Just bought this tonight, so I'm hoping I'm missing something. Can anyone help me?

System is a 9 year old Dell, with P-4, 2.5 Ghz, Windows XP 32-bit. Nvidea graphics card.
I'm not having any problems at all, no crashing. Any error reports in the event viewer? Any dialogs appear after crash?

Using high settings w/ default 1024x768 resolution.

WinXP 32-bit & Nvidia graphics & AMD cpu.
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It seem to work very good on mine too:

Pentium Dual-Core
Win Vista 32-bit
4GB ram
ATI Radeon HD 4850

Just having the "lights don't work" thing :X
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Well, it simply will NOT run on my machine.

After I select a table, the screen goes away, and then comes back with 85% of the screen black and the 15% on the right side of the screen showing my desktop wallpaper, with the taskbar still visible below.

I get sounds, and if I press keys, I hear something happening, but all I see is the screen I described above.

Please, if anyone discovers a fix for this, or knows how I can fix this, please tell me. It looks like a very good game.

I've taken a snapshot of the screen, but it may not be of much value since it may be hard to see. EDIT: Well, I thought I attached it, but evidently I didn't. Perhaps we aren't allowed to attach photos???
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