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Changelog for Patch 1.05 (added 08 February 2016):

- Added new languages: Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
- Fixed wrong tooltips during the fight
- Fixed bug when the saving button was disabled after some cut scenes
- Fixed some game-breaking bugs
- Minor buff of a stamina build
- Fixed minor GUI bugs
- Other minor bugfixes
Changelog for Patch 1.06 (added 08 February 2016):

- Dodge dependence of the agility decreased (AGI nerfed)
- "Slave of the wind" perk fixed
- Fixed: no map buttons after Russia
- Savegame backup system implemented
- Added formulas for accuracy, armor and energy regen in tooltips
- Some minor bug fixes
Changelog for Patch 1.07 (added 09 March 2016):

- Re-worked "end of day" message window. Now it will not break your current activity or job.
- Some minor bug-fixes
Changelog for Patch 1.1 / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 09 March 2016):

3 Hours Of New Content – you need to start a new game
- Yes, you will get to figure out what happens to Fluffy the cat. And yes there is a whole side-story to this. We definitely didn't just forget to put the sprite into the new house and made this all up. Search for a briefcase in your house on around day 6.

Hardcore Mode
- We love how you guys figure the game out, and do very specific builds to speedrun through Punch Club. But can you handle Hardcore Mode? Your opponents level up alongside you

New Languages!
- We've added Chinese, Japanese, and Italian languages!

Twitch Integration
- The game now has Twitch Integration, and you should be super excited – by watching your favorite streamer play Punch Club, you can now place bets during fights. You can spend winning points in our tinyRewards program.
Changelog for Patch 1.31 / GOG-30036 (Windows) / GOG-30037 (Mac) / GOG-30059 (Linux) (23 February 2017):

Added Korean localization
We have added the Korean localization. Great thanks to Shin minseop and Pgini for the fantastic job!

Easy mode introduces no-stat-decay
Ok folks, we heard you. Some of you would really want to play Punch Club without stat decay. So today we're introducing a SUPER EASY mode that has exactly that.
We warn you upfront that it is SUUUUPER EASY. It will not be the same experience.
Meanwhile Punch Club 2 is being designed with no stat decay in mind.
Have fun!

12 languages are available! Enjoy!
Czech and 11 other languages are available right now! Enjoy the game :)

Turkish and Polish added!
Added 2 new languages: Turkish and Polish. Czech is coming.
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