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I was going though troubles and couldn't change any settings, whether in the game nor in the DisplaySettings.ini . Here is the way how it works:

1) Start the game one time and let it create profile folder.
2) Move the DisplaySettings.ini from "Psychonauts/game/" to "/home/$USER/.local/share/Psychonauts/"
3) Write in your "ScreenWidth=1920" and "ScreenHeight=1200" for example.
4) Set "Fullscreen" from "false" to "true". That is heavy recommend because only in full screen you can click correctly on the settings in "options".

So that's it. I hope the GOG Team would change it.
Thanks, this works on Ubuntu as well. The game boots straight into a cutscene which then transitions straight into a tutorial, meanwhile you still haven't had a chance to get to an options menu to change it to fullscreen. No idea why this isn't fullscreen by default.
I wonder if there's a way to change resolution in OS X.

Apparently there's a program called cscreen that does so.
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Thank you so much! You're a life saver!