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Entropy.971: Regressing to Wolfenstein 3d levels of Retro is BAD.
I like Wolf 3D clones
ROCKMAN_77: So you are so mad because you died and lost progress? I bet you play in god mode and with all weapons enabled. Also screw multiplayer and your coop BS and may the dark lords bless this developer for making an entertaining and brilliant Singleplayer game in 2018.
Entropy.971: Not possible when I haven't bought the game genius. Also, having multiplayer and mod support is a hallmark of classic retro games that keep them alive long term. This game doesn't have any long term longevity. Especially with only 6 hours of content. There will be a short term popularity bump for being retro, and then it will fall off the face of the earth for not having content worth playing more than once.
SPTX: Jumping is built-in with almost every source port though. It's not Sergeant_Mark_IV's doing.
Entropy.971: Exactly. There are also tons of other mods with similar gameplay, making brutal doom a non argument. That said, there is no legitimate argument against the mod itself, and only personal attacks against Sg Mark because he isn't politically correct. Some of his additions are meh, but he popularized next gen doom modding and even inspired Doom 4. We wouldn't have the awesome reboot without him.
dustingunn: This game has no procedural elements whatsoever. It even says so in the description.
Entropy.971: Yeah, but it has similar elements like no saving and leveling up. So it's an extra lite rogue-lite. The problem with no saving is that I can't quit in the middle of a game when I need to do something, and that's a red flag for practical enjoyment. You also can't go back and replay levels you like without starting from the beginning.

So maybe this game isn't completely worthless, but I've watched review videos criticizing the dark areas for being too dark, especially the sewer levels. (ggmanlives) Also he criticized the levels for being too much like wolfenstein 3d and Catacomb 3d, and the hard difficulty mode for wiping your progress. He also mentioned you can't replay areas you've beaten, and mentioned the lack of CO-OP. GGman gave it a mostly positive review aside from these nitpicks, but he also compared it to brutal doom for the good parts. (lol @ BD haters)
So what GGGman says is his personal opinion only, It's not gospel and he does a good job at communicating that.
He also doesn't Criticize the level design being like wolfenstein 3d. He actually gives it a thumbs up for doing it well.

Why are you whining about a game you're not going to play?
Because it's not what you want it to be?

Man, there are so many bigger things in life to be upset about. This is just pathetic.
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Brutal Doom is just a mod on top of modern Doom ports (GZDoom or others). I am amused when people think of it as it's own main thing where you run things on top of it and they mistakenly think features like jumping or mouselook is a BD feature. It's not that I don't like it, but right now I revisit classic Doom user maps like they are meaned to be played, without adding BD mod on top. There used to be life in the Doom community before BD popularized it,

Project Warlock is not a rogue like, original levels designed, however I do agree the levels look a bit squary and not very inspiring so far. I will play a bit more later, when they fix the jumpy input/frame rate issues.
Comparing it to Doom is actually the worst thing you can do as the whole level build system including texture resolutions and so on are more like a mix between Wolfenstein 3D and Shadowcaster with it´s slight rpg elements.

Doom was already ahead of those 2 with it´s double resolution for everything and the ability to build in different rectangles then just blocks connected to each other.

So comparing PW in it´s actual style with Doom is simply not possible, for that too much would have to be changed from the graphics resolutions and level design. At last, the unity engine would be capable for to do a lot more, it´s simply a design decision to keep the elements as they are, as much as i would appreciate to have the option for at last getting the double texture resolution for the walls, sprites and weapons.
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