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Looking forward to buy this game once a Linux version is available.
goggog11: Looking forward to buy this game once a Linux version is available.
Me too!
Here is the official announcement about a Linux version from the Steam forums (I cannot post a link):

Will you be doing a LINUX build?
There is no official support for LINUX!
We don't have Linux expertise in house, the ability to test the variety of distros, drivers, and hardware combinations, etc.

We might have a build for Linux that might me accessible to the public, but the access could be intermittent, and at any
time we might remove the Linux build if there are too many issues with it.
We are not supporting this build!

Do NOT buy the game assuming that the Linux build will;
1) be accessible
2) be a functioning build

If you have the game and have a second machine that is LINUX it would be great to get some feedback here on our
Linux sub-forum (here). This sub-forum is restricted to game owners only so that we can keep this forum clean. Mainly
because we want feedback about the build and not ten thousand questions

There is also a discussion thread about Linux support, also on Steam forums. (Sorry cannot post a link)

It appears that the Devs have released an unsupported/unofficial Linux version through Steam. One would hope that they would generously provide GOG users with the same benefit, but I fear that will not happen. I know Steam has provisions in their client to install beta versions of software, which is how they are releasing the unsupported Linux version, I don' t think GOG has the same capabilities; I do not use the GOG client so I don't know if there is a option in there to do this. I also avoid Steam as much as I can. I have "held my nose" and bought some games, only available through them, that interested me. Same with Origin. I always get that dirty feeling of buyers remorse when I rent, I mean buy, games from them.

In my effort to break away from Windows and move to Linux, and eventually probably Mac (though I'm rather fond of my arms and legs :) ), I have set a rule that I would not buy any games without Linux support unless I am really interested in playing, which isn't very often nowadays. It seems the AAA titles just are not as interesting as they used to be. Luckily indie developers are here to fill the gap, and thanks to the popularity of Unity most Devs release their games on all three platforms.

I would like to encourage the Devs or GOG or whoever the "powers-that-be" are, to bring the unsupported Linux version to GOG. GOG has been my haven for DRM free, Linux gaming goodness for awhile now. I actually enjoy buying games from GOG, I feel like I am supporting good cause. I support the Devs who release on Linux and in return I get an actual, downloadable, off-line playable, DRM free-able chunk of gaming goodness that is all mine. All that's missing is a box :)

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I know, there are some linux enthusiasts out there which deny the use of wine in general and want a native linux version instead (i would appreciate a native version too).

But for all other linux users: it seems that the actual version of Project Highrise is playable through wine:

Please regard the the notations of the AppDB-poster.

Greetings, Ronny