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I mentioned the operator's menu before and I've used it in the ipad port of Timeshock Ultra to make the game easier. Thanks to it, I've gotten all the crystal fragments and retrieved enough Tachyonium to reach every zone. I even beat Mount Rushmore for the first time ever.

Unfortunately, I lost my last ball before I could warp to the Unknown, but that's pinball for you. I even got to ramp rampage and Midnight Madness.

I haven't done it on PC yet, but there is a cheat on the original PC version to unlock the Op menu straight away without wasting hours of game time. I recommend pinball fans do that.

using the menu isn't cheating however as real arcades have them so the machine owner can choose to make the game easier or harder for their customers, and simulations like Pro pinball don't have that problem.

Cunning Developments and Silverball wouldn't have included the Op Menu if they considered it cheating though they did make it impossible to reach originally. The deluxe Ultra version of Timeshock lets you use it straight away so that's awesome.

Has anyone made the counter Timeshock in Wizard mode yet? Have they gone to the End of time for the bonus mode?

I'd be happy to know and I don't mind if you were forced to use the menu to get there.
Post edited December 11, 2015 by darkredshift