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For some reason Fantastic Journey does not allow me to select the 1600x1200 resolution, whereas there was no such restriction in Big Race USA. Is there a way to enable it? Thanks.
I found out the reason. Something is blacklisting the exe. The game failed to load at 1600x1200 the first time I tried it. I searched the registry for clues but I could not find a string that would remove the restriction.
The easiest solution is to simply rename the exe to something like fantasticjourney1.exe. Seems to work for me.
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This is just baffling and frustrating me. For me, the 1600x1200 resolution is simply blacked out, which is exactly what happens with my old physical copy of this same game. I was hoping for that high resolution and solutions for some of the old bugs and issues that this collection has, isn't that what GoG is supposed to be for in the first place? Does anyone has an actual explanation or solution for this? Renaming the executable doesn't change anything.