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EDIT: Nevermind, found the resolution on the support pages! :)
After installing the three Pro Pinball games I have issues with BRUSA and FJ. All keyboard strokes are delayed (both in the menus and in gameplay), sometimes the flippers stuck - meaning both games are unplayable. Besides from that everything runs smoothly. And I have no issues with Timeshock.
I just got my hands on a new (old) PC, a Compaq Presario (Celeron 352 (C) 3.2 GHz with 512 MB RAM). I didn't want to use a recovery disc so I did a clean XP Pro installation to make the setup as 'clean' as possible. I had some issues getting all drivers to work, but now I have both audio and video without any problems. Can the issues be related to bad/missing drivers?
Before I installed the games on the PC I used to play them in a virtual XP machine on my MacBook (2.0 GHz Dual Core with 4 GB RAM) with no issues.
Any idea how I can get rid of the delayed keystrokes?
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Hi I'm posting this as a response to people who are having trouble playing the excellent pinball games pro pinball big race USA and also Fantastic Journey on windows Xp machines,the solution I found works and you dont need to install any patches,all you need to do is find the .exe icon for your game(big yellow taxi for big race/steam ship wheel for fantastic journey) then RIGHT click the icon and go down to properties,then click the tab that says compatibility,then check the button "run in compatibility mode" and pull the box down and make it "for windows 98/me" then click apply then click the .exe icon as normal to play and the flippers issue should be fine.and the menu selection is easier too. hope this works ok for you
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Thanks Rowan your suggestion worked perfectly. BRUSA is working wonderfully now.
yeah it is working, but hardly perfectly - there are still occasional annoying stutterings and slowdowns, especially during multiballs. But at least it's playable.