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Imagine you're approximately to step on board the latest high-velocity transport link from Rhyl (North Wales) to Neath (South Wales). The ‘automobile’ will shipping you on your destination in protection and comfort, one hundred seventy miles in only under 20 minutes. (I comprehend it sounds not going, but please play along).

A couple of questions. Would you count on the decisions to construct the transport link to have been primarily based upon ‘heaps’ of statistics, trying out and evaluation? During this manner could you anticipate the people concerned to have attempted and examined dozens of situations and conditions? By running via these many conditions they might have identified what does, and doesn’t paintings, and put things in location to make sure the whole thing runs smoothly.

I’m guessing that the answer is, “of path I would anticipate this”, you are approximately be propelled across Wales at approximately six hundred miles an hour. Developing simulations and checking out eventualities is an important part of getting matters proper before you consider them together with your life.

Using simulations and situations to test ideas and broaden skills isn’t a brand new idea. I used to work in environmental protection where we have been often involved in exercises to test how we might reply if some thing unusual came about. These had been multi corporation, complicated affairs, and a brilliant opportunity to check how we would behave if something like an Oil Tanker running aground in a place of extraordinary herbal splendor took place.

Anyone concerned in establishments related to emergency planning, civil emergency planning or the blue mild services would possibly have experienced this type of activities. I suppose they are a remarkable manner to test and study how you think, make choices and act in non-recurring, often complex situations. Unfortunately they don’t manifest very regularly, and simplest surprisingly small numbers (the fortunate few) have a tendency to get involved. I suspect that this might be in part because of cost.

I fully recognize that building and jogging a jail isn’t similar to strolling a neighborhood council. However, with a little little bit of encouragement I’m sure human beings could relate to the challenges of constructing a sustainable prison community (or not; the burning hell alternative is to be had).

I reckon that K and T BARNES BUILDERS offers the possibility for humans to soundly test and increase their decision making talents off-line. If they make errors and matters pass terribly incorrect, it’s now not a hassle. If they've some amusing along the way, excellent. If they take some risks and push some barriers, they could study something a good way to assist in real existence decision making, first-rate. It’s were given to be worth considering?

I’m fending off any intensive clarification of Prison Architect – for the moment. I just want to check with a few buddies if all of us would trouble to read it.
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Okay I've got to hand it to you guys, this is one of the most confusing threads I've read in a long time.