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I already bought it on Steam and I got it for free in UPlay and I alrerady have its Collector Edition for Xbox 360.

The Collector Edition have some songs from the Soundtrack and the videos from the making of. So I don't think it is really worth for me to buy it again because of them.

However I saw in the store page that one of goodies is a Story Book? What is it? Is it the same storybook made by PennyArcade? Or is it something else?
Yes, it is the story book of Penny Arcade. It is a *.swf file, which can be opened in browser. I attached a screenshot of it.
That's nice, but upseting at the same time. It would be awesome if it was hi-res PDF or hi-res image files

Even so... It is worth buying in GOG if you do not own the Collector's Edition. I mean, it has everything the Collector's Edition has and one thing more.

Post edited May 26, 2019 by umTrovador